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Play sets and plush toys and books! Oh, my! Did you know reading to a baby, even in the womb, is beneficial? Read about reading right here! And toys are terrific baby gifts, because babies need something to cuddle and keep them occupied between naps, baths and meals. Some plush toys, like Monsieur leSqueak, come with a baby blanket, and lovies--the new generation of best-friend blankies--give newborns a best friend with pizzazz and personality. Take a look at Ekko the Elephant, Jakka the Giraffe and the precious "Patches" Puppy Lovie, who arrives in a delightfully designed dog house. You'll discover that many of our toys become nursery decor, like our "Safari Ride" Elephant Rocker and still-popular rocking horses. Don't forget about personalized books, where bedtime stories are all about baby! Now, go have some fun browsing our books and toys!


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